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Jewel Fiore Fortuna

C71A1854 web

Breed: British Shorthair (BRI)

Color: ns11

Date of birth: 09.05.2017

Маm: ICh Diana Milagro Fiore Fortuna

Dad: Ch Severin von Burg Weisensee

Breeder: Krasnoslobodtseva I.

Owner: Krasnoslobodtseva I.

Cat with a very short coat with a thick dense undercoat, wonderful character and extraordinary charm. my favorite Teddy bear :) 

Test: 1. Blood A

2. PKD n/n

3. FeLV n/n 

4. FIV n/n

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Dezmon Fiore Fortuna

DSC 0526miniBreed: British shorthear (BRI)

Date of born: 06.11.2015

Dam: ICh Elis Stately

Sir: Ch Uuno kisses Gregory Al Gato

Breeder: Krasnoslobodtseva I.

Owner: Krasnoslobodtseva I.  

This kitten was born in our kennel and chose a future owner, as if he knew that only in an atmosphere of mutual love can grow into a big, chubby, with very thick dense undercoat cat correct cobby type. He's still just a teenager but already has a large size, heavy boned, real British cheeks. The boy is very friendly and sociable. I hope he will justify our hopes and will be the father of such wonderful kids.

Test: 1. Blood A

  1. PKD n/n
  2. FeLV n/n 
  3. FIV n/n

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