British males

Jewel Fiore Fortuna


Breed: British Shorthair (BRI)

Color: ns11

Date of birth: 09.05.2017

Маm: ICh Diana Milagro Fiore Fortuna

Dad: Ch Severin von Burg Weisensee

Breeder: Krasnoslobodtseva I.

Owner: Krasnoslobodtseva I.

Cat with a very short coat with a thick dense undercoat, wonderful character and extraordinary charm. my favorite Teddy bear :) 

Test: 1. Blood A

2. PKD n/n

3. FeLV n/n 

4. FIV n/n

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Dezmon Fiore Fortuna

dezmon fiore fortuna 3Breed: British shorthear (BRI)

Date of born: 06.11.2015

Dam: ICh Elis Stately

Sir: Ch Uuno kisses Gregory Al Gato

Breeder: Krasnoslobodtseva I.

Owner: Krasnoslobodtseva I.  

This kitten was born in our kennel and chose a future owner, as if he knew that only in an atmosphere of mutual love can grow into a big, chubby, with very thick dense undercoat cat correct cobby type. He's still just a teenager but already has a large size, heavy boned, real British cheeks. The boy is very friendly and sociable. I hope he will justify our hopes and will be the father of such wonderful kids.

Test: 1. Blood A

  1. PKD n/n
  2. FeLV n/n 
  3. FIV n/n

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Elvin Fiore Fortuna

elvin fiore fortuna 2

Breed: British Shorthair (BRI)

Color: ns11

Date of birth: 15.04.2015

Маm: Afrodita Milagro Fiore Fortuna

Dad: ICh Diamond Star Il de Mary

Breeder: Krasnoslobodtseva I. -Mordanova E.

Owner: Mordanova E.

This white, extremely affectionate and tame cat was born at the first graduate of our cattery of Aphrodite. He inherited the stunned green eyes of the Pope and extremely bright "make-up" mom. I hope this baby will give the same extremely tender and beautiful kids.

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