News 2016

June 18-19, 2016

95024 89857 95478480 m750x740 u65f10Little Garth (Garth Fiore Fortuna, G-litter) in his 5 months took part in his first show and showed a good show-temperament and very good result: 7 place WCF-ring young! Well done baby! Experts of the international category noted excellent tipping, excellent silver thick dense undercoat and strong, heavy frame of a baby Garth. I am very happy!

March 26, 2016

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Our young stars of Desmon and Diana successfully participated in the exhibition in Tver: Desmon was the Best IV of first day of the exhibition, Diana, Best opposit sex of the second day. Titles of Interchampions closed!

Desmon was the best cat in the group of British first day! We are so happy! The beautiful Diana best British the opposite sex the second day. A good result for the Brits in this color!

March 12-13, 2016

diana fiora fortunaOur beautiful Diana confidently make a career: 10 place WCF ring. The Champion title is closed!

February 6-7, 2016 года 

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Diana and Desmon began adult career.

Both day - nomination for best in show.

The beautiful Diana - 7th place WCF ring adults of the 40 animals!